From the Uzège to the Cévennes


With us, the word is in the glass, in an endless collection that takes you on a journey from the Uzège to the Cévennes.

Incorrigible, we let ourselves be carried away with each vintage: “not to miss this gem” is our trademark, which remains vivid and tenacious. It’s true that we are spoiled : 85 hectares of hillside plots, planted with multiple grape varieties, under the mildest of climates.



Patrick Fabre



It took seven generations and two families, the Fabre and the Rouveyrolles, to structure and shape the vineyard of l’Arque. Today, this vineyard covers 85 hectares extend over four terroirs : Montaren, Foissac, Baron and La Baume.

Their diversity provides us with ideal conditions, from hillside plots to promontories of rolled pebbles, all immersed in a deep green sea of scrubland and olive groves. This is how we can choose the right combinations of grape varieties and terroirs. Our specific approach and rigorous selections have contributed to our well-established reputation, which is confirmed by numerous awards.
Today, for even greater authenticity, we have adopted organic farming methods.
In the vineyard, we take extra care and attention. We have chosen to sow one row in two with clover and broad beans; grassing encourages the soil to hold together and helps to keep and develop the organic life of our subsoils. This year, we planted 300 meters of melliferous hedges with local species, which will provide beneficial shade for the vines at sunset. We are recreating a wood of lime trees, oak trees, Aleppo pines and cedars in the heart of our vineyards to encourage biodiversity.
All this care in the vineyard is complemented by meticulous work in the cellar, enabling us to offer some cuvées without sulphites.



This richness of terroirs has stimulated us, perhaps a little too much!
Today our range includes 23 wines, each with its own distinctive personality. Each new inspiration adds to the long list of our desires. It’s at harvest time that we become aware of it, with the ever-increasing number of vats as the days are never ending.

The “Les Chemins de Rome” cuvée is part of a selection from the hillsides of the AOP Duché D’Uzès. It brings concentration and finesse. ; “La Baume” belongs to such an exceptional parcel of land, that it moves us a little more each vintage and leads our micro-vinifications, ever more natural and unvarnished.
The range of highly aromatic and creative Cévennes IGP explores all the expressions of grape varieties and their combinations. Alexia, for example, with such a delicate blend of muscat and sauvignon, has become the favorite choice of the region’s finest tables.

Our range of sparkling wines and sweet wines are part of the list of small pleasures, which no longer need an excuse to be enjoyed.


It is in Baron, between Uzès and Alès (or located between the Pont du Gard and the Cévennes for nature lovers) that our cellar appears to be an essential stopping point. Integrated into our wine-making and aging cellar, we designed it to be a pleasant place to stop off.

Vast and bright, the cool space offers ideal conditions for tasting the range. Arnaud and Fabrice are available every day of the year. With them, you will discover that the diversity of wines allows everyone to indulge according to the occasions.
Happy victims of our success and epicureans at heart, we have expanded our range, to include regional products and our favorites. In ourCévenolle shop, you’ll be able to complete your basket with a wide range of spirits, beers, juices and champagnes, or even delicacies, dried fruits, olives and local tasty oils. All these artisanal products come from the farm, the henhouse, as well as the sea nearby.
Cévenole and epicurean shop exploring the pleasures of the palate.